This site is all about VVVF converter technology.
It's my passion and I would like to share it here!

Hey there!

I'm a student from Austria

... who is highly interested in every little detail about VVVF systems. From control software and control hardware to high power semiconductor switching devices and their corresponding driving circuits.

My motivation

I had always been amazed by the iconic sounds of the Siemens ES64U2 locomotive, called "Taurus" by the Austrian Railway ÖBB. It inspired me so much, therefore I wanted to learn all about it. This got me into the field of VVVF Converter technologies - Software, Hardware, Microelectronics and Power-Electronics.

Now I am interested in a broad field of technologies including the following:

FPGA Development
Working with FPGAs is fun. I love creating things with them as they are such an amazing development platform for small or big projects. The awesome part: You could even turn your designs into ASICs later on!
VVVF Converters
As well as being passionate about FPGAs, I am all in on the world of electric drive systems, especially on three-phase technology and high power VVVF Converters often used in railway applications.
Railway Traction Systems
I am highly interested in traction converters and their control units (both hard- and software), no matter if they are based on Thyristor, GTO-Thyristor, IGBT, IGCT or MOSFET power semiconductors.
Power Electronics
Not only am I interested in microelectronics but also in power electronics, especially in GaN and SiC technologies which prove themselves as an efficient alternative to conventional Si based power semiconductors.
Home Made VVVF Inverter
FPGA based Inverter
Documents & Downloads
PDFs and other Resources
Inductor Recordings
EMI Recordings of PWM Pulses
Traction Control Units
As the key part in a VVVF drive system, it controls all functions of it and implements complex algorithms to control motor currents. I am fascinated by the technology involved and would be happy to learn more about it. FPGAs, DSPs and their programming interest me a lot. I am also interested in new technologies, for example the Random Carrier Frequency Modulation.
Phase Modules
Power electronics are also of big interest to me. I am eager to learn more about GaN or SiC semiconductor devices and how they will effect overall efficiency and reliability of small and large scale three phase drive solutions. New technologies like these also open new doors to more complex controls involving the use of higher switching frequencies or randomized approaches.
Traction Control Software
Control Software is not only about controlling currents or torque. TCUs need to communicate with other control units on the communication bus while reading sensor data in real-time. All these demanding tasks require efficient code running on the right hardware. I am learning about HDLs and how to generate functional HDL Code from MATLAB/Simulink.